About us

Good vascular health
is key to our overall health.

Healthy veins and arteries play an essential role in our wellbeing by ensuring good blood circulation. And yet, many people don’t realize just how much vascular health affects their quality of life. By avoiding the main risk factors, such as poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and obesity, we could all add many more healthy years to our lives!

Vascular health is a complex field at the crossroads of several diseases. Guided by our patient’s best interests, the Quebec Society of Vascular Sciences (QSVS) is an interdisciplinary forum of healthcare professionals who have been actively working, for over 20 years, to promote a better understanding of vascular diseases.

To adequately meet the vascular health needs of our aging population, urgent action is needed!

That’s how originated the idea of offering Quebecers this Web portal promoting vascular health by focusing on risk factors such as obesity, smoking, physical exercise, diet, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

The Quebec Society of Vascular Sciences is:

  • A not-for-profit organization rooted in a reputable community of healthcare professionals.
  • A proactive group of experts and teachers committed to the transmission of knowledge, with a solid experience in managing complex continuous medical education activities.
  • More than 4,700 health professionals across Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, all of whom share a same passion: to promote and share a better understanding of vascular disease in Quebec, Canada and the world.
  • An interdisciplinary group.

Mission: Raise awareness, Educate, Act.

For nearly 20 years, the QSVS has been organizing unique events as part of its mission to take an active role in optimizing the management of vascular diseases.


Organize and offer forums aimed at raising the awareness of Quebecers about the importance of maintaining healthy veins and arteries.

Create a specialized portal offering information about vascular diseases and their impact on patients lives especially if they present risk factors for such diseases


To help front-line healthcare professionals and students, including family physicians, nurses, nurse practioners, pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, clinical nutritionists, and medical specialists to develop a deeper understanding of the role of vascular sciences and their impact by promoting multidisciplinary work and collaboration and developing inclusive practices.


By supporting the QSVS’s key projects in the field of vascular health, you help:

  • Develop educational and training opportunities for patients and front-line healthcare professionals and specialists;
  • Offer scholarships to members of the next generation of interdisciplinary medical professionals;
  • Emphasize prevention by offering a Web portal on vascular health designed for patients.


Quebec Society of Vascular Science (QSVS)
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