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What is high blood pressure?
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What is a pulmonary embolism?
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To prevent blood clots

The QSVS is proud to collaborate with Thrombosis Canada as part of the awareness campaign to recognize the signs of blood clots: CLOTS (Chest pain, Light-headedness, Out of breath, leg Tenderness, leg Swelling).

To prevent a pulmonary embolism
To prevent a deep vein thrombosis

Thrombose Canada


Can certain foods cleanse the arteries?


Some people believe that eating healthy contributes to “de-clogging” their arteries by cleansing the cholesterol plaque buildup. While this is not true, good eating habits can still help prevent heart and arterial disease. Learn more about how to eat to maintain arterial health.

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6 Lifestyle Tips for Life After Blood Clots

Drink Water

Blood clots that form in the lower extremities may create severe issues such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms. Luckily, there are easy tricks to preventing such clots from forming such as: physical exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, smoking cessation, planning for long haul flights, staying hydrated and reducing stress.

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