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What is high blood pressure?
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Do you suffer from leg pain, erectile dysfunction or a persistant foot wound?
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What is a pulmonary embolism?
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To prevent blood clots

The QSVS is proud to collaborate with Thrombosis Canada as part of the awareness campaign to recognize the signs of blood clots: CLOTS (Chest pain, Light-headedness, Out of breath, leg Tenderness, leg Swelling).

To prevent a pulmonary embolism
To prevent a deep vein thrombosis

Thrombose Canada


Physical activity and your health

Physical activity

The government of Canada offers a friendly reminder of the vast benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle at any age. Learn more by following this link.

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March is National Nutrition Month

Eat well

The American Heart Association Scientific Statement promotes a balanced approach to heart-healthy eating, advising a focus on overall dietary patterns instead of individual foods. It emphasizes that healthy eating involves making informed choices at the grocery store, restaurants, work, and any dining occasion, ensuring nutritious and heart-friendly meals without requiring advanced culinary skills.

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