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What is a pulmonary embolism?
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To prevent blood clots

The QSVS is proud to collaborate with Thrombosis Canada as part of the awareness campaign to recognize the signs of blood clots: CLOTS (Chest pain, Light-headedness, Out of breath, leg Tenderness, leg Swelling).

To prevent a pulmonary embolism
To prevent a deep vein thrombosis

Thrombose Canada


Vital Diet Tips for 2023 You Never Knew You Needed


Most people know that eating well plays a key role in staying healthy. However, adopting such habits often poses challenges to everyday life. This article explains some fundamental principles in eating healthier while maintaining a good relationship with food and wellbeing.

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Resolved to work out more in 2023?

Drink Water

Many people set resolutions to start working out which ultimately fail. Research has shown that this may be because simply deciding to start being more active is insufficient for maintaining exercise habits in the long run. The following article details this thought further and provides key advice in achieving one’s goals of being more active.

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