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What is high blood pressure?
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Do you suffer from leg pain, erectile dysfunction or a persistant foot wound?
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What is a pulmonary embolism?
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To prevent blood clots

The QSVS is proud to collaborate with Thrombosis Canada as part of the awareness campaign to recognize the signs of blood clots: CLOTS (Chest pain, Light-headedness, Out of breath, leg Tenderness, leg Swelling).

To prevent a pulmonary embolism
To prevent a deep vein thrombosis

Thrombose Canada


Why bother walking?

Is it Demanding Enough to Provide Real Benefits?

Dr. Darrell Menard explains the often overlooked benefits of walking, emphasizing its positive impacts on mental and physical health. He addresses concerns about its effectiveness, highlighting its versatility and accessibility. Dr. Menard underscores walking as a valuable investment in long-term well-being, debunking misconceptions and providing practical advice for incorporating it into a wellness plan.

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Eat to lower your cholesterol

Eat well

This article offers practical tips for naturally lowering cholesterol levels through dietary choices. It emphasizes the importance of focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and reducing saturated fats. Recommendations include filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables, choosing whole grains, incorporating plant-based proteins, opting for lower-fat dairy, avoiding highly processed foods, and increasing fiber intake through fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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